Did you ever have an encounter with a complete stranger and have your soul be touched in a way that’s unexplainable?

The first time I met her she had vomited all over her hair. I had about 20 minutes to go in my shift. When I walked in she was laying almost flat on the bed with a basin in her hands. I helped her sit up quickly because I was afraid she would aspirate. I helped her sit on the chair and told her nurse that she had vomited. I started to walk away from the room and down the hall when my soul was squeezed by the spirit of self giving and service.

Since I started working on this new unit I needed help getting through my 12 hour shifts. Not physical help but mental help…spiritual help. I have started praying to God to help me find him in every person I encounter and to serve them as if it was God himself before me. And so there he(she) was sitting in the chair I placed her in with vomit in her hair.

I collected fresh linen, new bed sheets, new gown, towels and face cloths. She smiled as soon as I walked in. Like she was glad I came back (the prodigal son). I asked her if she was feeling better as I cleaned her bed up. She was so happy and jolly. She was the smallest little thing. She told me ” I likes You” and “you are so pretty” I combed out her hair after I washed it up. She told me she was from Newfoundland. She told me about her work and how they treat her like gold there. I asked her if she was going to retire soon since I knew from peeking at her wrist band that she was 60 plus. She told me No! She loved her job and they loved her there. I totally lost track of time, and before I knew it I had to punch out. At least I knew that she was okay and I felt pleased with myself for having done what I did. The next day, I did not find her in that room but rather in a private room for isolation precautions due to the vomiting and other interesting things. I had to gown up when I went in. Again she was so happy to see me and told me that us people are so nice around here (not a compliment we usually get) I asked her what she did at work and she told me was a janitor. There was something so warm and inviting about her. She found happiness in the smallest things. While most complained about the food she would talk about how much she loved the soup. When others complained about how long we took she was so grateful for the time we shared with her. Family and friends brought her extra clothes to wear and some of it was stained yet she was so thankful and content that she was thought of and appreciated the gesture.

Something about her body language and the way she sat on the chair putting her skinny little legs on the window sill reminded me of my daughter Madalyn. She looked like her. I shared with her some pictures which she appreciated so much. I told her I would take care of her like my daughter. Later in the day I went in to see her again and I gave her a nice shower. Then I dressed her in the clothes that was brought to her. She was so thankful for everything.

Later in the evening as my shift was coming to a close I overheard that she was going for surgery tomorrow. Something was wrong and they were getting things ready. My heart sank. I brought a warm blanket and put it over her. I told her I needed to thank her for everything she taught me in such a short time. I held her hand and she squeezed mine and told me to hug her . I did, and I hugged her tight. I told her I loved her and that I hope she gets right back on her toes with the hope of seeing her again.

She was my “New-Found-love”


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