The Journey of a Caregiver.

It is 10 years from the day I started my studies at Sheridan College in the Personal Support Worker program. It was an adventure and the work continues to be so. The program was completed with the intention to ultimately one day become a nurse and use it to bridge over.

Unfortunately completing the nursing program has not been dealt in my cards yet. However I am humbled by the opportunity to do this work and find delight in it.

Over the last 10 years I have worked with a home care company, private care and have been working the last 6 years in a local hospital.  It has been eventful and really eye opening.  I have seen people at their lowest low and people really fight for their life.

This is a journey, and a true journey of life.  There is no denying that each person I have cared for has impacted my life in a different way.  Over time I became attached to many. Each touching my heart in a different way.

The job itself is difficult. Not anybody can do it.  It takes a person with a different kind of heart, and person with a different outlook on life.   There have been moments when I questioned myself and why I do this job.  The answer is simple, I need it.  Not so much for the money, but rather because it has taken my heart and helped it grow.  It has given me a different look on life, sickness and the elderly of our community. Every person has a story, but somehow their story comes out more clearer out of a hospital bed.  I just happen to be the lucky one at the end of their bed.

I will be posting one story once a week. The first will be following this post.




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