My Story, My Family. Pt 1

I am going to share with you my story. It will take a couple blogs to complete it, but I’m sure you may find it interesting.

We are not suppose to be together. We deserve better. You could do so much better than him.  Forget it, why do you stress yourself out?


The truth is, I truly love my husband and he gives the best hugs. I watched this video today about a little girl who was trying to convince her mom not to get a divorce.  She was 6 years old and I think she was successful. If she did not save her parents marriage or help them reflect more deeply about it, I’m sure she touched someone else like me.

With the Pope’s visit to the U.S and speaking about the importance of family life,it really got me thinking about my own.  My family should just be another statistic.  My husband and I should have been divorced a long time ago.  None of my children should exist. My eldest should have been aborted, the second should not exist and Charlie would never ever have been thought about.  That is basically what the world told us.  That is what our selfish culture has been feeding us.

When I got pregnant with my darling Isabella, it was rough. My husband and I were both 21 years old. I was so scared and worried I did not know where to hide. We went to the doctor before we had told any of our families.  I remember going in. I couldn’t sleep yet thats was all I wanted to do.  The doctor could see from my face that I was not doing so well, emotionally and mentally.  He looked at us both and suggested that if I was not ready to take on this task it could be “dealt” with until I was ready, that I was young and still had a lot of time.  I don’t know if I was completely shocked, or actually considering his suggestion. My husband (boyfriend at the time) stood up and said “Enough, that’s not an option for us, we’ll go elsewhere.”

I have always been pro life.  Did the whole life chain (which is coming up), did the March for Life, was a volunteer for birthright, volunteered in my school collecting funds for moms who needed help and other projects. But let me tell you, when I got pregnant, I forgot everything. I became so vulnerable, that perhaps if my husband was not there, I may have considered an abortion, I may have done it and then lived the rest of my life without my Bella.  After years, I now reflect on it and I think to myself, shame on me for thinking badly of those woman who had had abortions, shame on me for thinking I was ever better. Shame on those people who instead of offering hope and love, offer a way out by terminating the life of our future and giving the mother lifetime of “what ifs.”

Lucky for me that day I had a man, a real man to hold my hand and tell me that everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to work out and our family would be fine.

Coming from a strong rooted Catholic family, I braced myself for the worse.  I needed to tell my parents I was pregnant.  I had let them down and disappointed them all.  Just to add to the pressure I am the eldest girl in my family. I have 6 younger sisters who looked up to me… and now what.  Together with Corey we told my mother first on our walk to a local Tim Hortons, where my father met us after his soccer game.  My mom was happy yet all over the place. A couple days later she would yell and become upset with me and my decisions. Which I had no response to, but to accept her disappointment and anguish.  My father just looked down and said we had two options. We could get married and have the baby, or have the baby and get married.  In Catholic terms this means one thing…you have to get married to live together. So four months later we married and 4 months after that we had Bella.  I was truly blessed to have Corey there with me and then blessed again more so when my family although disappointed stood by us.


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