Too Narcissistic to Love


We abort our children, we starve our children, we kill our children.

The world has become such a dark and selfish place, where our most innocent people are being killed.

There is no food they say….america is obese
There is no room on the planet…yet there are places we haven’t touched and build bigger houses.
I get pregnant…. Abort it they say…”it” doesn’t fit in your lifestyle…you’re not ready.
Don’t have more then 2 children they say…because you won’t be able to afford anything or give them the “good stuff”…….give them you’re time
Got to have the best house….
Got to have the best car….
Got to have the best job….
Got to make the best coin….
Got to have name brand gadgets….
I don’t feel the fire in my marriage ….let me sign up on Ashley Maddison
I’m not happy….
You don’t make me happy…..get out..
I have the worst children…. They have the worst parents…
Children get bullied….they are bullied at home by parents and their expectations…or worst their silence…lack of involvement in their child’s life.
Another teen commits suicide…. Friends helped her do it…

Children get cancer…there are less then 10 drugs for them because it is not “profitable”…its a life, a child’s life.

The world has become so sick and greedy. 

Who has the best ass? Who does the best duck face? Who takes the best selfie? Who has the most money? Who slept with the most people? Who has the most followers? Who has the most likes? 

A narcissistic world. 


If I could ask you one favor, one self giving act..PRAY…FOR YOURSELF!

Pray that God opens your heart and eyes. Stop looking at yourself and pray for yourself.children_quote


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