A little bit of Good in Everyone.

It has been alarming to me the amount of things I hear and read about in the news or see on TV that are just horrible. The amount of negative and violent occurrences are just plain evil. I cant help but to feel desperate after watching or hearing such things.

I know that the the world has never been perfect and that it will always have problems, but I am trying to look at the brighter side of things.  I know that blogging here at such a late hour of night will not solve anyone’s problems, much less my own but I am hopeful that there will be readers out there that will find my blog and be able to feel a touch better about life and this insanely beautiful place we live in.

I am going to make it my mission to find God in my daily activities with ordinary people and or situations.  I will not find God if I don’t look for him.  In my life so far, I have to admit God has always been present despite my failures and the times I often forget him.  He,photo-1429032021766-c6a53949594f however has always pulled through for me and showed me he has never left my side.  This usually happens when I least expect it. When I find him in my day to day events I will share it with you. This way we will find a little bit of good in everyone.  I am going to search for this goodness everyday, and although that one person or act of kindness may not reach the news or be all over social media, it will be engraved in my heart and I will share that person, gesture or smile with you. I believe there are good people out there, heck I believe we are all good people now its time to talk about it.


One thought on “A little bit of Good in Everyone.

  1. I agree with this, the news is always portraying everything so negatively and never will show or speak of the good in the world. There are many good people in this world, in fact like your title says there’s a little bit of good in everyone.


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