Fifa Women’s World Cup

I’m here at home watching Canada vs England in the Women’s Fifa World Cup and I’m really hoping Canada comes back in the game. To be honest I’m screaming “put me in Coach!!!!” England is capitalizing on Canada’s crucial errors. Why am I blogging about this? Because soccer has always been one of my dreams.  I started playing at the age of 4 and it instantly became one of my passions in life. I loved scoring, running and being put to the challenge. I played houseleague and then all-star and then rep. I eventually ended off playing college soccer which was one i will remember for a long time. I thought I was a professional. (Canada just scored btw Sinclair at her finest) Watching this world cup makes me want to play so badly. I want to push myself and be there. I want to train and get to fittest state that will bring me there. I am not sure if that will be in this life, because right now I have 2 little girls, one in a disney princess dress and the other in dance clothes and my little guy in his swing. But who knows….life is full of surprises! Lets go Canada!!


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