Today, on Bell's let's talk day I want to share a podcast that can be really helpful if we learn to listen. Mental health is for everyone. Let's talk. https://unmxntal.podiant.co/



Did you ever have an encounter with a complete stranger and have your soul be touched in a way that's unexplainable? The first time I met her she had vomited all over her hair. I had about 20 minutes to go in my shift. When I walked in she was laying almost flat on the … Continue reading New-Found-Love

The Journey of a Caregiver. – “Bella Bella Bella”

Nothing in the books I studied really prepared me for what I was about to encounter with my first job in the hospital.  I remember going through the orientation and really feeling like a deer in headlights. Something about the hospital scene always attracted me.  I wanted to be part of this team, I felt … Continue reading The Journey of a Caregiver. – “Bella Bella Bella”